Rejection HURTS! On Friday I was rejected for yet another job. Yes, they let me down kindly, saying there were an exceptional calibre of candidates and they would keep my details on file for future opportunities. But it still stings. Yup sulking on the floor in my bedroom.

sad cos rejected

Its been 3 years since I held a professional job – I can’t quite believe it. I’ve had a few casual jobs for a few months, but nothing that really taps my expertise or has lasted. There are a few reasons behind this and I think this is a message from the universe.

Firstly you might be thinking I’m not qualified enough for these jobs. Nope, if anything I’m over qualified. I have too many pieces of paper to mark my academic achievements. I also have had a few different careers: exploration geologist, science teacher, executive officer, TAFE lecturer, e-learning technologist, and of course waitress 😉

Maybe this rejection is really a push to go in another different direction?

Perhaps all theses steps I take to get a job working for someone else are actually steps towards being my own boss. I mean, I am the boss of my own life, I have knowledge, skills and experience and I LOVE TO SHARE! So I am taking this latest hit as the FINAL push I need to really embrace myself and what I have to offer to the world and make it happen. I am going to work with my passions and help others. My passion is de-mystifying mental illness and I want to help others live their best life with their mental illness.

Watch this space…….

What job do you think I should do?

Have you found your passion project/job?