I love writing lists. I have maybe 5 or 6 notepads on the go at any one time, each full of lists. Lists of to dos, lists of shopping, lists of ideas, lists of things to make, lists of renovation ideas/plans, lists of birthdays.

Tick that to do list
To do list

Each week I sit down with my weekly planner and write lists of all the things, activities, and events that are happening, the meals I will cook, the things I should do. Then the next week I transfer all undone things to a new to do list! In fact I was just about to write another list of things to do to this blog, when I spotted this list – waiting to be completed.

Weekly Planner by The Organised Housewife
My Weekly Planner with lists, Design by The Organised Housewife!


Making: a new business – here, online, supporting others mental wellbeing by sharing my experiences
Cooking: Banana bread with the 2 brown bananas in front of me
Drinking: earl grey tea – I made a pot
Reading:  ‘Slow’ by Brooke McAlary – re-reading this wonderful book to find more knowledge nuggs
Trawling: mid century vintage furniture items on gumtree
Wanting: more warm sunny weather – this winter in the South West has been brutal
Looking: outside at the sun shining, but wind blowing the hedges
Deciding: whether to invest in another online course, or just do the work!
Wishing: I knew how to make my ideas into a viable business that supports others mental wellbeing
Enjoying: Crochet – I’ve made a few wash cloths and soap sacks lately – I learnt from Crochet Coach
Waiting: for our tax return to come through……$
Liking: the sound of the native birds around my home
Wondering: if anyone actually reads my blog?!
Loving: my family of boys + fluffy dog
Pondering: how lucky I am to live where I live
Listening: Podcasts – ‘The Slow Home’ & ‘Straight and Curly’  they warm my soul and are like listening to your friends chat
Considering: more ways to reduce our use of single use plastic
Buying: nothing until that tax return comes through
Watching: War on Waste, Grand Designs and Poldark (but the season just ended!)
Hoping: I can make a successful business
Marvelling: At how fortunate we are as a family to have made the change and move to live our ‘why’
Cringing: at how grumpy I am at the kids in the morning  “brush your teeth” etc
Needing: Courage to go head first into my new business, and to approach those I want to ask for advice
Questioning: how I will ever make money from writing about my mental illness journey?
Smelling: Lavender – ok so I popped outside just to run my fingers through it and see the little flowers budding
Wearing: my super comfy go to black sneakers by Frankie4
Noticing: the sound of the wind howling around the chimney
Knowing: I need to be consistent at putting in the work to make this into a business
Thinking: I have so much I want to share with others to make their lives simpler and happier
Admiring: my Blogging & Simple living Gurus – Brooke McAlary, Kelly Exeter, Tsh Oxenrider, BabyMac
Getting: annoyed at my dog for her constant growling at the wind
Bookmarking: every awesome article that relates to my business, and every beautiful inspiring image for my dream build home
Opening: browser windows
Closing: none of them!
Feeling: a bit cold – need a cardigan AGAIN!
Hearing: the wind howling, my dog growling, the windows rattling – seriously WA is ‘Windy Always’
Celebrating: my 40th Birthday in October!
Pretending: I’ll stay young forever
Embracing: getting older and wiser

I had fun answering the prompts on this list, it was a great way to kick start my week. But sometimes I feel overwhelmed on Monday mornings, with all those things to do, to remember, to buy, appointments to  go to, all swirling around in my head. So thats why I love lists. I write down ALL THE THINGS on a list and it gets them out of my head. Then I can see what is really bothering me and what truly needs to be addressed. I then follow the advice of Brooke McAlary and chose just 3 things to get done. Yep 3 things are achievable and create a greater sense of wellbeing when they are done!

So over to you, do you write lists? Are they to help you remember what you need to do? or do you write lists because you enjoy ticking things off like me?!

Don't forget the milk
Don’t forget the milk – Shopping lists

Below is the full list for you to try- credit to Pip from Meet me at Mikes and thanks to Carly at Smaggle for her post that inspired me to write another list!


Eat the Frog

The Frog (Splendid Tree Frog – WA Museum)

Hi there, long time no blog posts. I’ve been busying myself chasing around after my 2 boys and puppy,  running the household and keeping myself well. I’ve also enjoyed listening to a lot of Podcasts lately. When I’ve had a a mountain of washing to fold, or need to clean the kitchen I bribe myself with the  company of one of these great podcasts: Straight and Curly, Let it be, Slow your home. If you are new to Podcasts then let me explain – it is the internet’s version of radio only with much better choices of hosts, topics and even music 🙂 You can listen via the websites linked above or via iTunes or the Podcast app on your iPhone.

Rosie on the beach
Rosie in the sand

On the Straight and Curly Podcast my friend Kelly Exeter and co-host Carly Jacobs recently talked about procrastination. Now let it be known I consider myself to have a University Degree in Procrastination Techniques (Geology with a Thesis). Hence the lack of posts on this blog. I’ve been far too busy, well being busy or making myself seem busy.

So today I’m following Carly’s advice and Eating the frog! What? Yep, I’m getting up and getting on with that thing that I am avoiding, the task that seems too hard to start, seems too big to conquer. But actually when I get down to it, its just taping on a keyboard and it will be done. TICK!

I do like ticking things of a list, I’ll write a to do list just to feel that satisfaction (just like Kelly). And if I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, or I’m not making any progress, the act of writing that to do list helps me clarify what really needs to get done, or what it is that I am avoiding. I hate that feeling of going around in circles and not getting anything done. You know when you sit down at your desk and the first thing you do is check your emails, then reward yourself with a coffee break and a quick check through Facebook, and Instagram, then go back to your emails and start all over again – yep me too! Kelly and Carly nailed it in their recent episode “Stop starting again“. Now I’m a ‘stay at home’ Mum, I do this by walking around the house, picking up 2 things, taking them to the room they belong in, then getting distracted making my son’s bed and picking up his Lego, then ‘beep’ the washing finishes and I hang it out, noticing the garden needs watering and the puppy insists on a play session and afterwards rewarding myself with a coffee, then where was I? Oh thats right my to do list……. still haven’t ticked anything off yet.

Tick that to do list
To do list – TICK


Recently I reached a crazy point – it took me 2 weeks to ring the plumber, and in that time I even spotted him across the school grounds twice! You know how long that phone call actually took? – 2minutes, yep, 2 minutes and Dave the plumber was all lined up to come around and quote for my laundry job. TICK.

Another thing on my long to do list was to sort out my Superannuation – BORING! I discovered I had 3 different Super accounts – all silently ticking away and costing me money. So I got on with it, followed the sage Straight and Curly advice of single-tasking. No, I did not try to juggle my phone under my ear, whilst sipping coffee, scanning my emails and completing paperwork all at the same time like normal. I sat and instead focussed on my Super mountain of paperwork, analysed the facts and got on with changing one Super to my married name (only 8 years overdue) and then rolling them over into 1 Super account. I felt SO GOOD when I got this #onething done – just as BabyMac (one of my favourite bloggers) says its great to finally do that #onething and this one also felt like a whole lot of ‘Adulting’. So thanks for the motivation (aka kick up the butt BabyMac 😀) TICK

As I mentioned I have been running around after our cavoodle puppy Rosie – generally with paper towel, vinegar and bi-carb soda…… sort out all the ‘messes’ on the CREAM carpet – ugh! It seems Rosie Posie preferred to do her business on the ONLY carpet in our house. After weeks of this spot cleaning, that carpet had more spots than a leopard and looked feral. So #onething last week was call the carpet cleaners. So glad I did because they worked a miracle and the carpet looks fresh and smells it too!

Carpet Clean
Clean Cream Carpet

So by exercising some self-control I have finally got stuff done!
My #onething for today was write a blog post – TICK 😀

What’s on your ‘To do list’?
Do you like ticking things off?
Can you do #onething today?