Bouncing back

Yesterday was the last day of the winter school holidays thank goodness! We didn’t go away anywhere exotic or even all that warm so we all have a dose of cabin fever. So yesterday I kept my promise to take the boys to the indoor trampoline centre an hour’s drive away. When we got there they ran off and were bouncing around like happy crazy things. Its amazing how quickly their mood can change with a bounce on a trampoline. My eldest loves perfecting flips so whenever he is kicked off the Xbox or iPad he goes outside and bounces. Something to do with the raised heart rate, physical exertion and the vestibular input (flips!) all makes for a much happier kid.

Bounce Back
Back Flips

It got me thinking about what I could be doing to bounce back from adversity and shift my bad mood. I’m down in the dumps and fighting off another bout of depression since the latest job rejection. For me that means I sleep lots, struggle to wake up, go through the day in a haze, feel achy all over, and lethargy sends me to wallow on the couch often. Depression is not just in my head it affects my whole body. I’ve had a headache everyday for at least 3 weeks now, probably due to the tension I am holding in my neck and jaw.

When I’m depressed it affects my ability to do everyday tasks. You have probably heard that before and maybe find it an odd concept. For me cooking is a hassle and when I am unwell I can’t face the kitchen and lack the energy and brain power to prepare healthy meals or even snacks. It can be a bit of a spiral of sweet and salty snacks!

I need to do something to bounce back into a healthier mindset towards a healthier me. So today I am treating myself to a change of scene. I am typing this in my local library. It is bright, colourful, warm and noisy with little kids, retirees and cheerful librarians! This change of location helps lift my mood as the chatter and people reduces my sense of isolation and loneliness, and the colourful chairs and stacks of books brighten my view.

working in the library
Bright library views

Such a simple thing as change of scene can make a big difference to my mental health. And maybe later I’ll go for a bounce on the trampoline 🙂

What do you do to help you bounce back?

Does a change of scene help?