Better than Before

2017 Better than Before

I have never succeeded at sticking to any new year’s resolutions, especially those about losing weight and improving fitness!
So this year I am determined to work out why, and overcome that to achieve some goals in 2017.
Last week I was thinking about all the good things I need to start doing and planning, to have a great year – New Year’s pressure. Then I began to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start.
I turned to one of my favourite podcasts “Straight and Curly” and revisited their episode on ‘Goal Setting’. Just listening to Kelly and Carly’s calm voices explain the key parts of setting goals calmed me down and helped me realise I can do this!
I had also listened to them talking about Gretchen Rubin’s (of the Happiness Project fame) 4 tendencies with regard to meeting expectations and creating habits. It seems I am a Rebel – meeting neither internal nor external expectations. This was certainly an ‘Ah-ha’ moment of why I have previously failed at new years resolutions!!! Not even I can MAKE me!

Yesterday I bought a lovely copy of Gretchen’s book “Better than Before”. It explains these 4 different tendencies and gives strategies to form new habits! Whilst in the Kikki K Store I also bought pretty notebooks, a pen and a ‘weekly good habits tracking pad’. Clearly I like to be organised, and buy all the things to motivate me 😉

I am armed with everything I need to kick some goals and make some new great habits in 2017.

So what will they be?

Clearly health is a big focus, along with mental health, improving my work output and saving some money. All pretty standard topics for goals.

But I need them to be catchy, snazzy and motivating……..
No, really they need to be SMART:
S – specific
M – measureable
A – achieveable
R – realisitic
T – trackable

I sat down and thought about what I want to change and achieve. I want to increase my exercise, make it regular, lose some weight, save money and work more.

Good Habits Checklist
Making new good habits

These are my goals:
Walk a minimum of 5000 steps EVERY day
Exercise 5 days per week, where exercise is 10000 steps, or a yoga class, or SUP boarding or cycling.
Lose 5 kilograms over the year.
Save $5000 of my own earnings.

In short 5k steps, 5 days, 5kilos, $5k – EASY!

I also want to cultivate some good habits. I haven’t nutted them all out yet, but they are centred around the principle of ‘living in the moment’. As I learnt last year, this is our life. It is not next year when we have a better house or job, or when the kids can look after themselves, or when we are all healthy and no longer sick and stressed. THIS IS IT!

Firstly, I need to make a habit of mindfulness meditation, to calm my anxiety, to centre my thoughts on what is here and now and to remove myself from digital/ social media distraction.

I want to deepen my connection to my kids by being present to them. That doesn’t need to mean hours of playing Lego, or understanding the digital world of Minecraft. But rather creating moments of connection, by being there, sitting down together, hearing them, holding them.

In my anxious times I struggle to start tasks due to overwhelm. Even grocery shopping can seem impossible. So I am going to try the Japanese practice of Kaizen, which includes the idea of the “one-minute principle” for self-improvement. When I feel unable to start something, or unable to do something for an extended period, I am going to try it for 1 minute. Because often it is easy to keep going once you have started.

These habits can be summed up in my phrase of Minutes = Moments = Memories.

So here goes:
5k, 5 days, 5k, 5k
Minutes = Moments = Memories

What are your goals for 2017?
Do you need to change your habits?
Any other Rebels out there?